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An ever expanding book of my design ethos consisting of tips and reminders

Sometimes the pressure of a project builds and builds until the weight feels so large that you become stuck in a place where creativity can no longer
f      l     o     w
But I have found a solution to this dilema
I have created some reminders to maintain  focus and
remain on track for a good design
This book shares said reminders
Know your viewer
The answers to these questions should help make or support all design decisions
Who is the viewer?
What will the viewer enjoy?
What will the viewer take away?
Look for pattern
Pattern is a core piece of design with its ability to make things simple and organized while also having the ability to hold entire concepts within it
Pattern can be found anywhere and everywhere, use it!
Creating a design is like a puzzle...
you have all the pieces, you just need to figure out how they fit together
Explore beyond the first idea
There's an infinite number of ideas, explore beyond the first
Quickly sketch multiples of various ideas to find the best elements
for your final design
Don't let your design get out of hand, Simple is easy to take in
and easy to remember
Design is a balancing act
Balance is made with the perfect amount of contrast so
all elements sit harmoniously
L O O K S  F L A T,
M O R E  C O N T R A S T
L O O K S  M E S S Y,
L E S S  C O N T R A S T
Do something unexpected
Don't be predictable,
it is the unexpected that catches the eye
and that leaves an impression
Test the visual path
The visual path should fallow the hierarchy
Test your design on an unbiased eye to see where it is led
Does it look professional?
Subtle changes for major improvment
Check the kerning for best spacing and
make sure that everything is aligned
It is these details that separate the
professionals from the amateurs
The final step is to look your design over and
decide if it does indeed look professional
How can you expect others to see the design as professional, if you don't?
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